I can’t believe how much better I felt today.

What’s this called again? Pasta. Pa-sta? Yep. How come you don’t get to eating pasta for every meal? This stuff is…is it even possible for things to taste this good? Nope, it’s impossible. You must be dreaming! You should eat pasta more! Well, I think I’ve eaten enough for both of us tonight. Can we have pasta for breakfast too? You’re not supposed to eat pasta all the time, Fenn! Why? Because…that’s just not how the world works! What, will something important break if we get to eating pasta for breakfast? Will the sun turn black and hairy? Will nobody be able to switch their movie rectangles on to see an alcoholic be right about things? Who says you can’t eat pasta for breakfast? Sensible people. Sensible people? Well now, that excludes us nicely! :)

We should go to bed. Are you tired? I’m eating PASTAAAAAAAA! You’ll be passing out after that, probably. How does the pasta get into this shape? That’s just how it’s born. Can you get to making it so that there’s pasta in my world? Hahaha, sure! But I’ll give it a different name. Why? Well, “pasta” is just so…everyone thinks of Italy, right? Well, I don’t think of Italy. What’s Italy? It’s a country, and it doesn’t exist in your world. Can’t you just get to writing it so that Italy exists in my world? HAHAHA. So, let me get this straight: you want me to insert the Earth country of Italy into your world so that you can eat pasta? I’m glad we understand each other! Just Italy? You don’t want any of the other countries? Which is the one that does Turkish delight? :):):) Turkey :):):) Okay, we’ll have Turkey as well. I think Iridaeka would appreciate some of those delights. Any other countries you’d like, while we’re at it? Well now, I don’t know! I only really care about pasta right now. I’m glad you’re so easy to please. And I’m glad I ate properly today, thanks to you! Do you think tomorrow you could help me get on top of some more things? There’s really a lot to catch up on and I’m kind of overwhelmed. Of course! I’m excited by how much progress you’re making. I think as long as we eat pasta every day, there’s no chance we’re not going to have you steadied up in no time.

MmMMMm! So good. I could die right now and not even notice. Do you think we’ll get to dreaming of pasta? I’m falling asleep, so I guess we’re about to find out. Okay, okay. I’m done—that’ll do me until breakfast. We’re not having pasta for breakfast! Well now, no need to decide tonight. See how you feel in the morning :);):)

It IS the morning. Bedtime!!!