This website has rules just like any other! Please follow the rules so that we can all get along.

The rules are:

  1. Please only read at 4 AM (if poss).
  2. Please take time out of your life to learn the genre key so that you know exactly what will be inside each story. I don't want you to read something sad when you're trying to be happy and I don't want you reading something happy when you're trying to be sad! Also, it's good to know in advance when there'll be hounds in the story so that you can look forward to it.
  3. Please make harsh judgements + assumptions about me based on the content of my stories.
  4. Please just relax and have fun because there are no rules when it comes to fiction!

Thank you for reading my website rules and don't think I won't know if you ignore them because I can see straight into the minds of anyone who visits the site.